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    Explore the State of California ratepayers' investments in electricity research, development, and demonstration projects to advance the state's energy goals.

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The CPUC launched its EPIC Strategic Objectives Workshop Process on March 19, 2024. In its most recent EPIC decision, the CPUC approved five (5) Strategic Goals for the EPIC Program. The next steps authorized by the decision include several workshops to develop Strategic Objectives. Find out more and register for upcoming events.

The first step in the process, the Strategic Goals Workshop Process, took place from August 16 - September 20, 2023,
and led to the establishment of five Strategic Goals for the next EPIC 5 (2026-2030) funding cycle, approved by the California Public Utilities Commission on March 7, 2024.

This program is funded by California utility customers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

Explore the EPIC Database

The State of California's Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program is one of the country's largest energy innovation funding efforts, focused on accelerating new and emerging clean energy technologies.

The EPIC Database allows you to browse and search for electricity RD&D projects focused on innovation in renewable energy, grid reliability, building energy efficiency and decarbonization, electric vehicles, and more.

Quick Links

Microgrid Projects

Explore projects working to build resiliency for communities in the face of Public Safety Power Shutoffs, extreme heat, and other threats.

Electric Vehicle Projects

See what companies are doing to optimize electric vehicle charging, such as V2G school buses, automated load management, or vehicle-to-home solutions for power outages..

Community Benefits

Read about projects that have demonstrated community benefits in Disadvantaged Communities.

Mature Technology

Find technology that was tested and deployed in the field, by a utility or a customer.

Renewable Energy

Explore projects by area of focus, such as these projects working to advance renewable energy and clean generation.

From a specific administrator

You can browse projects based on administrator, like utilities Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, or the California Energy Commission. Check out these Pacfici Gas & Electric Projects.

Featured Projects

Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid
Demonstrating a renewable based microgrid for a critical facility at the Blue Lake Rancheria

Humboldt State University

Radio Frequency (RF) Added to Line Sensors
Predictive Risk Identification with Radio Frequency (RF) Added to Line Sensors

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

DC Fast Charging Demonstration
DC Fast Charging Demonstration

Southern California Edison Advanced Technology Organization

Transportation Electrification
Demonstrations of Advanced Circuit Concepts and Devices

San Diego Gas & Electric Company


Learn more about the EPIC Database

The EPIC database is a comprehensive resource providing publicly searchable information for all EPIC projects since inception of the program, increasing both EPIC program transparency and oversight. The database compiles project lessons learned, data, and results from all project administrators and all EPIC projects into a central online location, containing more than 60 searchable data fields for hundreds of EPIC research, development, and deployment projects.
The database includes EPIC RD&D projects from all program administrators (CEC, PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE) in a single location for the first time, allowing for the easy search and comparison of projects and results across the program as a whole.
The database includes an easy-to-navigate filtering of EPIC projects that can be narrowed based on filters or search functions, including topics such as investment area, funding amount, project status, technology development stage, or results.
Users can browse an interactive map of all projects, or projects in which they are interested, to find RD&D investments in their community. On the main project listing, click on the tab that says "Map" in the middle of the page to view a map of the search or filtered results.
Final reports for all completed projects are located on their project profile page. You can get to the project profile by clicking on a project in the project listing page. You will find a button on the right-hand side of the screen to download the final report as a PDF file.
Users can view full project profiles of each EPIC project by clicking on the project listing, or on the icon on the map. Each project profile includes up to 65 different data fields, including data never previously reported. Users can view financial data for each project, descriptions on key innovations and lessons learned for the project, and metrics on how the project could lead to lower pollution and ratepayer costs, community benefits, and improved reliability.
Financial data for each project will be updated on a quarterly basis. Each year, additional project information will be updated for projects that are active, providing an update on project progress and other data. When a project is complete, projects will be updated with key learnings, innovations, metrics, and results for the project, as well as a final report.

About the EPIC Policy + Innovation Coordination Group

Wildfire Workstream

September 23 - December 2, 2020

Transportation Electrification Workstream

September 30 - November 19, 2020

Equity Workstream

October 6 - December 3, 2020

Public Safety Power Shutoff Workstream

November 16 - December 16, 2020

Second EPIC Policy + Innovation Forum

October 28, 2021

CPUC Launches EPIC Database

March 1, 2022

EPIC Strategic Goals Workshop Process

Watch Again

August 16 - September 20, 2023

EPIC Strategic Objectives Workshop Process


Starting March 19, 2024


CPUC renews EPIC program through 2030



CPUC approves California Energy Commission's EPIC 4 Investment Plan



CPUC Decision on Planning and Coordination on Strategic Goals and Objectives


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